Our Customers

Our better presentation letter is our customers. Thanks to his loyalty, we continue supporting a good positioning in the sector. We are not a big multinational, but we are a company with a familiar beginning that with effort and work we have achieved an image and a recognition in the fairground area.

We don’t try to do the maximum number of stands in a fair, but we work with the best companies thanks to the success of our personalized service. We do all our best to extract the best essence to our stands: transmitting the image that our customers want to give, heightening and emphasizing their brand in the best way as possible, creating the attraction to the exhibition of their product; an own, personalized and comfortable space.

Our goal is more that to win a customer; is to win a partner. A partner whom we advise in all the areas relating to his participation in fair, making him a participant in the whole process, though we take charge of everything. To leave him the stand ready in order that he has only to be focused to attend to his customers.

The result of all our work is the success of our customer’s participation in fair and for this reason; they are who inform us about their new participations in fair. They use to work again with us.

Here, you have some of our customers:



In the same way, we design and build in a personalized way big surfaces and pavilions. We can divide the area in several own stands, or creating a common space with different zones, or distributing efficiently the exhibition of machinery.

Exteriors / outside of the stand

We make outdoor stands, so much constructing all his structure as creating a space personalized inside tents.

Interiors / inside of the stand

The interior image of a stand is a very important part because is in this place where will take place the customers' comfortable personalized attention. For this reason, the elements and ended of quality are so relevant.

Characteristic elements

We can realize all kinds of elements and ended, to achieve the image that wants to be transmitted.