Stands Design

We design and build your stand on base of your image and your needs.

For it, we need to visit you directly or to be in touch with you by phone or by e-mail to know more about your company, your brand and the product to exhibiting. Moreover, we need to know all your needs in the stand and the image that you and your company want to transmit.

Our design must be a faithful image of your company, we must find the suitable form for the exhibition of your product, and distribute in an efficient way all the spaces and zones of the stand.

We make you a computer design and a budget for your stand construction.

The design consists of several sights in color, a distribution plant and a gathering of the stand.

In the budget we describe, detailed, the different elements of the stand and the several materials that are going to be used on it.

If you accept the design and the budget, then we build your stand, delivering it to you totally finished with all the contracted elements. In this way, your only effort is to bring and take place of your product in it.

We include a maintenance service during the days of the event and once the fair is finished, we deal with the disassembly of the stand.